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Family Trusts & The Safeguarding of Assets

Many people have friends or relatives who have been faced with the prospect of moving into residential care or paying for care at home. Currently the government will only assist with the payment of such care costs if that persons capital levels are below the fixed threshold of £23,250 (figures as at 18th January 2010). Care costs can however exceed £25,000 per year.

When entering residential care clients are OFTEN FACED WITH THE PROSPECT OF HAVING TO SELL THE FAMILY HOME TO FUND CARE FEES. This is can be UNFAIR when they have paid taxes all their lives and have saved effectively so as to leave something to their own children. It must also be noted that people paying for care do no necessarily receive better care than those who are entitled to government funding.

AT RATCLIFFE & BIBBY WE DO OFFER A SOLUTION TO THIS COMMON PROBLEM. By planning ahead clients can ensure that their assets are protected for their loved ones whatever the future may hold.

Our specialist team can offer advice on Family Trusts, the transferring of the family home and the gifting of assets to ensure your wishes for the future are met to their maximum.

To discuss your options further please do not hesitate to contact one of our team. Alternatively you can complete a simple form and one of our team of solicitors will contact you to discuss your requirements further.