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Family and Divorce

Ratcliffe and Bibby have a Family Department that makes sure every client matters. We provide professional, specialist assistance on all aspects of Family Law. With years of experience we are here to help, not to judge or disapprove. We can deal with all issues arising out of a family breakdown at any of our three offices and believe us when we say "Nothing will surprise us!"

Meet our Family and Divorce Solicitors and Specialists. The department work exclusively on matters relating to family, divorce and children law so have the depth of expertise to discuss with you all the available options. Our department has solicitors who are members of Resolution and the Law Society Children Panel, and who are Resolution Accredited Specialists.

We know these can be worrying and traumatic times and we believe that family law disputes should be dealt with in a constructive way, encouraging agreement and allowing you to move on in a timely fashion.

We offer our private paying clients a service tailored to suit their case. We also offer advice on all areas for those that qualify for Legal Aid. Please click on these links for more details:

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We can offer advice on:

Children - including child protection and care proceedings

When children are involved their welfare has to take priority. Sarah Carr is a practising member of the Law Society's Children Panel in Lancaster and she is also an accredited member of the Resolution Panel with one of her specialisms in matters concerning children. We can assist with child residence issues, contact issues and also in matters where social services are involved. Our family department can see you at any of our three offices and can attend Child Protection Conferences and Pre-Proceedings Meetings with Social Services.


We have experience in all aspects of divorce law. Whether you are considering taking the difficult steps of issuing divorce proceedings or your spouse has issued against you, we are here to help you at this difficult time. We can assist you with the whole process including personal and financial aspects that arise, such as dividing your house, dealing with business matters and helping resolve any matters concerning your children.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is an agreement made by a couple before they become married. The agreement sets out how they would like their assets split should they ever separate. Prenuptial agreements can be used in a variety of different situations, such as protecting assets that are owned before a marriage, inherited assets and any legacies to children from previous marriages. Whether remarrying later in life of entering into a marriage with your partner you should consider the benefits of a prenuptial agreement.

Financial Issues

Whether it is the house, savings, investments, a family business or pensions; Ratcliffe & Bibby have the expertise to advise you and get the best result for you.

Domestic Violence

Relationship Breakdowns can on occasion become hostile and involve violence or threats of violence. In a worst case situation we have a Resolution Specialist along with a team of people who can assist and obtain emergency protection. Be it a non molestation order protecting you and your children or an occupation order regulating who can live in your home and come within a certain radius of it.

Living Together Agreements

It is now increasingly common for couples to have a Living together agreement drawn up. This becomes relevant when you consider that couples that live together have virtually no rights to use the system of law that is available to married couples. Therefore they are in a far more vulnerable position if the relationship breaks up or there is a death of one party.

A living together agreement which is also known as a cohabitation agreement provides the canvas for couples to record their intentions and records their respective contributions. This will leave them safe in the knowledge that if the relationship is to break down then the agreement will safeguard them financially.

Both parties will need to seek independent legal advice regarding the agreement as the parties need to intend to create legal relations for the agreement to be enforceable. However the agreement can include details regarding any number of issues the parties decide upon, the main areas being details regarding property, payment of mortgage, ownerships of the contents of a property and ownership of bank accounts.

Civil Partnership

We have acted for same sex couples and are able to offer advice. Whether that is advice prior to entering the partnership or on the dissolution of the same we are here to help.

Change of Name Deeds

We can offer a quick and speedy service for the preparation of uncontested and straightforward change of name deeds. We can also offer specialist advice on changing children's names when agreement cannot be reached. Should an application to court be appropriate we can assist you with this.

To discuss your options further please do not hesitate to contact one of our team. Alternatively you can complete a simple form and one of our team of solicitors will contact you to discuss your requirements further.