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Property & Housing Disputes

In theory it has been established law since 1925 that any transaction involving property should be in writing or at least evidenced in writing. Every year we find that clients inadvertently become involved in property disputes where there may be no Contract or Conveyance. These could arise from the complicated law relating to Proprietary Estoppel where you acquire an interest in land without there being a written Contract, Constructive Trusts all the way through to Possessory Title where you may find that your continued occupation has given you a right to claim the land in question.

We have represented numerous clients at Courts and Tribunals regarding disputes over rights of way, boundaries, Flying Freeholds, Easements and Trusts. Our aim is to keep your case out of Court and settle your dispute as quickly and economically as possible.

We can also advise whether any legal protection policy that you may have attached to an insurance policy or credit card is available to cover your dispute and thus save you costs.

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